wtorek, 7 sierpnia 2018

Soul Wars Challenge: Celestar Ballista

Kolejne modele gotowe do akcji, przed wami balista "Twin Lion" z obsługantami: Agathą i Jacem. Piękne modele, a do tego modelowane podstawki z serii "Easy to Build" są świetne.

Next models are ready, before You balista "Twin Lion" together with her crewman: Agatha and Jaco. Beautiful models, and the bases from "Easy to Build" sets are great.

2 komentarze:

  1. awesome! how are you going to paint the sequitors? I painted a test model but I don't quite like the scheme

    1. I was thinking about the scheme from the new Battletome, but the red colour is something that I reserved for mostly primes and heroes, so I will go for black tunic/cowl and white tabard. Soon I will paint my first Castigator in this scheme, so then I will now how it works. ;)